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T-Mobile's T-PAC

Re-envisioning a PAC identity to engage with eligibles.

After the departure of their larger-than-life CEO and with the acquisition of Sprint, T-Mobile’s political action committee, T-PAC, realized they needed a brand realignment. The previous branding had leaned into the former CEO’s love of superheroes, with illustrated advocates for the PAC fighting for mobile freedom. DDC went to work surveying employees and studying the core values so that the PAC branding could better mirror the corporate brand. The refresh was a hit, serving as both a reintroduction and an official way to welcome the legacy Sprint team into the T-Mobile family.

Like most other PACS, T-PAC is entering 2021 unsure about the future. As T-Mobile continues to evolve with the times and new membership, the new look and feel reflects their values and mission to fight for consumers. With now over 12,000 PAC eligible members, their PAC members are more involved than ever, and we look forward to helping their PAC continue to grow as a community.

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