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DDC Fly-In

Ensuring your advocates are heard on and off the Hill.

Clients have long relied on D.C. fly-ins to bring their issues to Capitol Hill and build valuable relationships with members of Congress. Today, fly-ins no longer require a plane ride to have an impact. Due in part to the pandemic – but, more importantly, a shift in the way constituents interact with elected officials – fly-in participation has become more inclusive. DDC has played an integral role in transitioning the traditional fly-in experience into a hybrid approach that leverages the power of face-to-face meetings virtually. In the last year, this approach has tripled the number of people who can participate and opened advocacy doors in D.C. like never before.

From retail and financial services to defense and healthcare, we have spanned industries, zip codes and both sides of the aisle to connect nearly 1,000 suppliers, agents, members, employees and others with hundreds of legislators. Providing seamless event planning, flawless execution, and strategic recommendations along the way means that every client can be effective on the Hill, even if they can’t be there in person.

Case Studies