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DTE Energy PAC

Introducing an unique ambassador to increase visibility and participation.

DTE Energy wanted to bolster its PAC’s reputation among elected officials and, in the process, better align the business objectives of the PAC with the values of DTE employees. DTE turned to DDC to help them build a stronger relationship between eligibles and the PAC and better connect the dots between PAC participation and policy outcomes. DDC focused on increasing engagement by opening new lines of communication and new channels for participation, and making PAC messaging more straightforward and accessible.

As part of these strategies, we introduced a new PAC ambassador: Nora, an animated PAC Lab based on DTE’s real-life beloved service dog and office mascot. Nora allowed the PAC to deliver messages and information in fun and creative ways and has expanded the PAC’s appeal to a wider group of eligible employees, particularly those with limited understanding of PACs. DTE PAC attracted new visibility and new participants without making a hard solicitation ask, and saw increased participation even during the height of the pandemic and other challenging events of 2020.

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