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Build With Strength

Rewriting the industry narrative in our communities, the nation and the world.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) realized it was critical to reverse a troubling trend of losing market share to inferior construction products, and decided to launch a marque public affairs effort to support concrete producers. Choosing DDC as their partner, the multi-faceted Build with Strength campaign was designed to reach a broad audience and champion concrete as the material of choice for builders, developers, investors and consumers. Through media, advertising, dynamic web and social content, and personalized communications the DDC team ensured that NRMCA’s most compelling messages resonated with targeted audiences. The construction community, policymakers, building code officials, property owners and the media were shown how concrete’s sustainability, durability and fire resistance made it the best choice for their projects and communities. Diverse and active national and state coalitions were also created to support NRMCA’s and their members and educate these critical audiences; and when the pandemic hit DDC quickly stood up “Concrete is Essential,” to support the goals of the industry and keep its members working.

The Build with Strength campaign has led to numerous accolades, but more importantly, a change in the narrative about what role concrete plays in our communities, the nation and the world.

Case Studies