DDirect Mobile: The Power of Data at Your Fingertips

May 27, 2021

By: Jake Chapiesky

DDirect Mobile now allows clients to access the public affairs data they need to do their jobs more effectively—all in the time it takes for them to grab their phones.

DDirect Mobile began as a tool for lobbyists to package their organization’s political and human assets and quickly assemble leave behinds for legislators and staff. But once our clients saw the power of the platform, they wanted more.

We responded by providing quick access to data for usages beyond meetings with legislators so they could track and analyze critical organizational information—to manage budgets, disbursements and campaign metrics.

Whether it’s uncovering district assets before meeting with a legislator or a breakdown of action alert results in real time, DDirect Mobile makes sure our clients are well-informed and dialed in to make important decisions on the fly, like approving checks by 5 p.m. or checking up-to-the-minute disbursements to a specific candidate committee.

Many clients are already taking advantage of the advanced features. When the evening news broke that Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) wasn’t seeking re-election, or when the alleged Matthew Gaetz scandal hit the wires, PAC managers rushed to DDirect Mobile to verify their disbursement history and remaining budget dollars – knowing they’d have to answer questions in the morning. At all hours of the night, our users have what they need to stay ahead.

At DDC, we define innovation by the value it creates. It’s not about making better features; it’s about making better public affairs professionals. Data is powerful because it empowers the people who need it most, and DDirect Mobile makes it more accessible than ever before.

Contact us today to learn more about DDirect Mobile or download it today at your favorite app store.

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