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Driven by powerful data and technology.

From day one, we have been focused on building technology that pushes the possibilities of stakeholder engagement. With our comprehensive data platforms and dynamic websites, we are endlessly advancing our suite of products and services to improve the digital experience, captivate audiences and expand what we can help our clients achieve. This is where we thrive.

DDC’s new PACWeb makes it easier than ever to tailor your PAC website experience to individual members and eligibles: the issues and messages they care about, the PAC’s impact on their area of expertise, and a pledge process that encourages them to contribute at recommended levels. 

We create comprehensive websites for clients to easily engage and mobilize advocates on key issues. Using flexible, personalized content and simple activation tools, our websites are built to help clients connect with supporters at every point along their advocacy journey to make engagement count.

DDC supports all administration and compliance responsibilities, making it easy for managers to track, analyze and share PAC activity. Off the shelf, we provide more than 20,000 candidates and political committees to support immediate disbursements, but that’s just the beginning. Clients have the flexibility to add their own data for things like vendors, PAC events and facility locations to streamline all types of giving and strengthen their ability to leverage the right assets.

We arm clients with powerful information – and an even more powerful story to tell. These advocacy and data hubs enable clients to personalize engagement strategies to various audiences for better results, capturing digital and in-person campaign metrics in a single place. We also house lobbying data to analyze traction and build a better narrative for our clients’ government affairs teams.

DDC’s new Get Out the Vote (GOTV) platform brings the same great election resources and candidate information into a new user experience. With closely contested elections now a mainstay in U.S. politics, a GOTV website can be a highly effective way to capitalize on your stakeholders’ excitement, encourage them to get involved in the political process—and keep them engaged in future advocacy efforts.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Voting is the most fundamental way to empower stakeholders. Find out how our “Get Out the Vote” campaigns can help you inspire your organization to find their voice.

Democracy Direct Mobile

DDirect Mobile puts your entire database at your fingertips so you can manage your programs on the go. Champions, assets, budgets, lobbying activity, disbursements and other campaign metrics are just a fingerprint authentication away.

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