A Blockbuster for Public Affairs Campaigns:

Videos Increase Engagement

No medium* is more powerful than videos to hook audiences—whether for PAC promotion, advocacy campaigns, brand reputation or crisis communications.

Watch and win. Using video, we can tell you the 20-year history of DDC in 30 seconds—so, imagine what we can do for you.

Whether it’s live action, computer animated or talking head, our broadcast department knows how to get your issue noticed — and people sharing, liking and talking.

Tell more engaging stories:

  • Live action videos put your organization’s spokespeople front and center and put a human face on an issue.
  • Motion graphic or animated videos distill complex messaging into a compelling format—and are usually less expensive than live action shoots.
  • Combination videos take the best of both worlds to communicate your message.

More than entertainment—videos are critical communications vehicles being used in business, politics, and beyond, to sell products, promote issue positions, and share beliefs.

DDC is setting engagement records for public affairs campaigns with our videos. Want to see some more examples? Contact us today through the included form, or at (202) 830-2038.

*The stats on video effectiveness are prolific. The average site visitor spends 88% longer on a website with video. The information retained in a one-minute video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. Three out of four U.S. adults are more likely to engage or purchase after watching an online video. Click for more.

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