Two Decades of Building Trust – Reflecting Back on DDC’s 20th Anniversary

March 2, 2016
B.R. McConnon, Chairman and CEO

DDC is turning 20. When we started the Internet was far from what it’s become today, and most corporations had not issued email addresses to employees. The revolution that has occurred on the technology and communications front has fundamentally changed public affairs, advocacy, and the very nature of communication in our society.

For DDC to stay ahead of this curve, like any company, we needed to be able to adjust to the changing times. We needed a great team with vision, knowledge, and guts. We needed clients who believed in us and our ability to deliver real solutions. Most importantly, if we were to succeed in these times, we needed to build on a foundation of trust.

Trust is earned, not granted. It is earned among team members through effort, honest assessment of attainable goals, and commitment to delivering results—whatever it takes. It is also earned by accepting responsibility when plans do not materialize, and then working diligently to remedy the situation. Similarly, trust is earned from clients when you make promises that you can keep, and you deliver or exceed on those promises. When clients see that you are honest and unwavering in fulfilling your commitments, you retain their trust and are given the opportunity to continue building the relationship.

Trust then leads to greater experience. When you are able to fulfill your promises, clients and team members are willing to believe in opportunities to expand—whether into new products and services, geographies, or expertise. In DDC’s case, this led us from producing data files to online applications and websites; from grassroots to PAC; from mail and phones to online advertising; from federal, state, and local to global; and on to big data and analytics. It led us to being the trusted agency for over 300 current clients made up of leading corporations, trade associations, and global influencers.

The most impressive metric, though, is the longevity of the relationships that this trust and experience have engendered. Our current client roster includes many that have been our partners for 10 plus years—some have been by our side since the very beginning. The same is true of our team. Many within the DDC family will celebrate their 10th, 15th, and for some, 20th anniversaries this year. You simply don’t find that in many places.
It was trust that allowed us to build a company from scratch and trust that allows us to grow and gain the experience on which our clients depend. Trust and experience got us through our first 20 years and will serve us well for our next 20!

To those who have been with us since the beginning or who climbed aboard at some point in between, thank you for trusting DDC.


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