It’s Time to Rethink What You Can Do on Social

April 22, 2015

Social media has become an essential tool for any effective advocacy campaign. Simply put, you can’t take control of the online conversations about your issues or shape important public policy debates without a smart social strategy. As explored in our last blog post, the lines between social and traditional media are beginning to blur, and public affairs campaigns are evolving to meet that new reality.

DDC’s advanced digital strategies provide targeted, multi-channel property management, robust social listening, and reporting on the pulse of the conversation, to help you achieve your goals.

Meet DDC’s Digital Team Digital Team

We have a team of digital experts who hail from former political campaigns on both sides of the aisle. Our Digital Team cut its teeth on Presidential campaigns, developing some of the most effective social media outreach strategies in existence that helped revolutionize how campaigns view these platforms.

Ask us how we can strengthen your campaign efforts in the digital space.

  • Develop Your Social Strategy – DDC will design and implement a social media strategy that integrates seamlessly into your campaigns and helps make an impact online. Our Digital Team will establish your social media presence, create engaging content and compelling graphics that motivate your target audiences to get involved, moderate your pages to ensure a productive discussion among your supporters, and report regularly on your success.
  • Understand the Online Conversation with Social Listening – Right now, there are people talking about your brand and issues online. Are you listening? DDC will help you understand the broader discussion — where it’s happening, what people are saying, and the influential participants driving the conversation — and use that information to design content and engagement strategies that will help you take control of the digital narrative.
  • Stay Ahead with Rapid Response – Turn your supporters into advocates by arming them with important information and providing easy opportunities to make their voice heard. Our Digital Team will help you win the online debate about your issues by sharing positive blog posts and news stories, promoting your allies’ content, engaging with your most influential advocates, and fighting back against your opponents’ misinformation and attacks. We will utilize your social media properties or build you a Digital Strike Force, comprised of issue experts and influential social media users, to add third-party credibility and take control of the online conversation.

DDC can help you strengthen your campaign efforts in the digital space. Isn’t it time you asked us how?


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