The Secret to Stronger PAC Visual Communications

March 11, 2016
Jim Scott Polsinelli, Senior Vice President, Creative Services

It seems that everyone involved in PAC wants to up their game from a creative perspective. And for good reason. With today’s relentless push towards all things digital, strong design means better engagement.

Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg said that video content will reign supreme on Facebook. Like any digital communicator, he understands that visual elements spark good conversation.

How does that affect how you reach your audiences?

Quite simply, conceptual visuals connect with your audiences better. To see if your communications needs improvement, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you relying on old public affairs imagery? You know, eagles, domes, and flags.
  • Is your website mobile friendly? Is it fully responsive for the user?
  • Do your emails read like the fine print of a pharma ad?

Living in today’s ever-connected world means embracing best practices that resonate loudest in the digital space. When PAC communications look derivative, unimaginative, and analog, it’s a direct reflection of your brand. And I’ll bet you want a PAC brand that’s fresh, smart, and engaging.

So are you relying on a designer to do all the heavy lifting for your visuals?

Take a step back. As strong as designers are, many don’t come from a conceptual background. However, a good copywriter is trained to think strategically and visually. Pairing a writer with a designer creates magic.

You’ll get ideas where the words and images work together—where the visuals aren’t wallpaper; they’re integral to telling the story.

Designer + Copywriter = Smarter visuals.

Try it and let me know how much more powerful all of your communications become.

Jim Scott Polsinelli is DDC’s Creative Director. He recently spoke at the Public Affairs Council’s Annual PAC Conference on Visual Building Blocks. And yes, he has a background in copywriting.

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