DDC Technology

DDC’s suite of online products is simply unparalleled. Our CRM, reporting, data and analytics capabilities put you in control—not the other way around. Because when you can leverage technology to educate advocates, raise awareness and influence supporters to take action on critical issues, everything comes together seamlessly.

Democracy Direct

Democracy Direct® is DDC’s flagship product—a SaaS-driven CRM solution that powers both grassroots and PAC solutions, enabling you to manage relationships around the globe.


Web Solutions

Whether you need advocates to take action quickly or you’re building long-term awareness, DDC’s award-winning solutions can do it all—from simple, template-based landing pages to comprehensive campaign hubs and get-out-the-vote efforts, each touch point is uniquely crafted to your objectives. Period.


DDirect Mobile

When you’re recruiting and mobilizing key stakeholders, you don’t want a lot of data—you want the right data. That’s why our mobile app gives you just what you’re looking for, whenever and wherever you need it.



With DDC’s customized PAC products, online contributions are just the beginning. We help you manage compliance efforts, FEC reports, you name it. With all the technical stuff taken care of, you can focus on the good part—keeping your employees engaged and excited.