Teamwork Makes the Dream-Work

January 23, 2019
Elise Katz, Associate Vice President, Client Relations

Some people were picked first in gym class, others excelled in calculus. Even superheroes have different skill sets and strengths – Captain America has his shield and super strength, but he can’t fly. He must rely on some of his buddies to help him with missions.

At DDC, we work in the same way – using the multitude of specialties, strengths, and talents within our staff to develop custom solutions best suited for our clients’ success. When we assemble a team to work on an account, we want to ensure we have someone to fill every need and individuals who can approach a problem from every angle. As a member of the client relations team, I have the pleasure of sitting at the vertex of the talent here at DDC. When faced with a challenge on behalf of a client I work to identify the correct resources and bring together the right group of people—to create something truly special.

Leveraging Our Network & Individual Strengths for Client Success

Similar to bridging partisan divides – except much more fun – we work interdepartmentally to ensure all campaigns are serviced by the right people. Depending on the project, campaign, and account, we assemble a diverse group of resources to tackle the challenges.  When faced with a client challenge, we have a dedicated team of resources that work together to stay current on the ever-shifting political landscape and client dynamics. Whether it be our team members focused on digital, creative, PAC, technology or all the way to HR and Accounting, the DDC team is diverse and passionately client focused.

Our Very Own Avengers

For example, we recently worked on a public perception campaign in a large and diverse local community. How were we going to get such a varied audience to connect with our client’s mission? With teamwork.

Having experience in both the non-profit sector and previous perception change campaigns, our strategic client lead brought not only a fresh perspective, but a keen eye for detail, ensuring we tapped into every resource, channel, and audience we could. Meanwhile, our outreach experts were able to provide ideas on how best to engage a heterogeneous audience and segment communications that would speak to each community group in a meaningful and authentic way. Likewise, our digital team’s data-driven approach to content and attention-grabbing and viral-worthy social media concepts brought our efforts online and targeted correctly. Coupling all of this with our creative resources’ years of experience working on graphics for advocacy campaigns – from e-mails to videos to GIFs – we were able to elevate the campaign that successfully moved the needle and shaped the conversation in a positive way for our client. Bringing together the right members of the Client Relations, Creative Services, Digital, and Strategic Communications teams, we were able to challenge the status quo and elevated the final product for our client.

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