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Part 2: Understanding Your Audience

Jun 8, 2016

Last week in our ongoing blog series, we looked at the importance of understanding your public affairs campaign’s overall objective...

Sugar: The Great Health Debate

Mar 17, 2016

From recommendations to limit sugar intake by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, to consistent accusations of being the sole...

Videos Tell Better Stories

Nov 21, 2014

Videos are one of the hottest, most effective and important ways to reach constituents, influence decision makers, and tell your...

When It Comes to Infographics, Keep It Simple

Nov 17, 2014

Net neutrality is a hot topic. Admit it, you’ve heard of “net neutrality”. You know it’s something important. It has something to do with internet speeds and cable companies and, oh, it’s complicated. But, do you know which side of the debate the President is on? Leaders in Congress? Cable companies? Unless you’re a telecom lobbyist, probably not.