When It Comes To Super Bowl Social, Go Big – or Stay Home

February 6, 2017
Steve Roney, Digital Account Manager

Should your social media attempt to capitalize on timely current events? Not just posting something with an American flag every Fourth of July, but truly grabbing at and trying to ride the wave of a Viral Moment?

Yes – but only if you are willing to commit, and only if you appear to be adding to, rather than hijacking, the shared cultural experience.

Consider the duck: the classic metaphor for the marriage of composure and furious activity. While the duck glides placidly across a pond, beneath the surface its webbed feet churn the water vigorously, propelling it forward.

Despite the outward appearance, it’s anything but effortless – and those who know what they’re looking at can always tell.

The oft-cited Gold Standard of such timely posts came during the Super Bowl in 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens played the San Francisco 49ers and Oreo somehow won the evening.

During the third quarter of the game, a power outage at the Superdome delayed the game without warning, causing a stoppage that would last 34 minutes and send much of America onto social media in an attempt to both figure out what was going on and to kill time. This is when Oreo struck.

There is no way they could have planned the creative elements of this post beforehand – and the agility and perfect-for-the-moment messaging generated not just massive reach for the post and branding itself, but also tons of earned media in the days following as observers marveled at Oreo’s execution.

So just do that, right? A four-word tweet, half a dozen more on a very simple image, and you’re golden?

Enter Oreo’s churning webbed feet: it turns out that Oreo had a 15-person social response team on call during the entirety of the game, with the expectation that they would react within 10 minutes to any big social opportunity. Oreo could only win the moment because they had a team of copywriters, artists, and strategists standing by to do just that.

You can have your cleverest social media manager logged in, but no graphic designer on call, no big win – and no glowing blog post four years later. You have to commit the resources; otherwise, the standard return isn’t worth the overtime investment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all digital strategy – and if you’re looking to score big with the funniest and most biting cultural reference that capitalizes without trying too hard, DDC has the talented, one-stop digital shop that can get it done.

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