Store and Map Your Political Assets to Show Local Impact

March 5, 2015

We’ve seen for a while now that one of the most effective ways to educate audiences about the impact of an organization is through asset mapping. It’s especially effective when meeting with freshmen policymakers to demonstrate how an issue’s outcome will impact a specific geographic region–from its workforce to its tax revenue. It’s become an essential tool in public affairs.

We developed our political asset mapping application to give our clients the most powerful visualization tool possible to map their human and economic political assets on demand. With this information in hand, you can better understand your own strengths and provide policymakers with an easy-to-digest, visually engaging overview of your grassroots strength that makes your organization impossible to ignore. You can:

• Create compelling, high-quality leave-behind reports for one-on-one meetings with legislators and other audiences.
• Point and click which data points—specific and aggregate—to show on your map to illustrate your footprint at the federal and state levels.
• Produce a richly informative and visually engaging demonstration of your members, employees, suppliers, facilities, taxes, charitable giving, and more.
• Rest assured that your maps are up to date, whenever there is redistricting or special elections.
• Access your data from your desktop or on the go via your mobile device.

Our application allows you to harness the power of your advocate data while mapping valuable fields to Google Maps™ functionality to graphically visualize, cluster, and measure your political footprint anywhere in the world.


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