New technologies, innovation and a growing population are creating endless opportunities—but our existing transportation infrastructure is being pushed to the brink to keep up with rising demand. That’s why having a strong transportation network is so important. And why it’s critical to have a partner that understands what it takes to keep these initiatives moving forward.


America is changing, and so is transportation. DDC helps you build long-term support with an extensive audience base, because we know that a comprehensive transportation network is the foundation we need to meet our economic, social and environmental challenges.

DDC Delivers Customized Solutions

From addressing system priorities, to increasing ridership, to building support for expansion projects, DDC’s proactive approach to public transportation helps you build momentum that sets you on a path for long-term success—we know these issues can’t be solved overnight.

  • It’s time to expand

    America’s transportation infrastructure needs to be upgraded—but implementing substantial changes is easier said than done. We understand how to influence the conversation and effect positive outcomes.

  • Ballot measures need traction

    DDC’s extensive intermodal experiences involve everything from support for the FAST Act to a comprehensive infrastructure investment bill on Capitol Hill, to aviation legislation. We’re not afraid to tackle tough issues.

  • Adequate funding is essential

    We mobilize everyday citizens, increase bi-partisan support, and sway key decision-makers to help you get the right funding in place. We understand that without it, everything suddenly grinds to a halt.

  • Public perception must change

    DDC believes in the benefits of public transportation for the larger community. It’s about more than getting from A to B. Public transit boosts economies, creates jobs and provides new opportunities for everyone.