Rooted in Technology

Experts in Public Affairs

DDC was founded as a tech company—and today we’re using this cutting-edge technology to transform the world of public affairs. We know firsthand how effective policy can move innovation forward—or how misguided policy can hold us back. That’s why we showcase the critical role technology plays in our economy and in our everyday lives.

You Face Unique Challenges

Technology has the power to reinvent industries, fuel economic growth and create new jobs. But progress is continually being threatened by burdensome regulations that stall innovation. That’s where DDC can help—by giving you solutions that aren’t afraid to push the status quo.

DDC Delivers Customized Solutions

Protecting your brand from onerous public policies means going beyond predictable audiences and marketing models.

  • Sustainable community building

    The days of one-off campaigns are over. Technology companies must build and sustain relationships with leaders, influencers and organizations that serve local communities.

  • Grasstops & grassroots networks

    We engage key political operatives and stakeholders who can educate policymakers at the local, state and national levels to ultimately influence legislative outcomes.

  • Comprehensive communications strategies

    We help you take command of the narrative surrounding your issues. We make sure your message is at the forefront of every conversation—and addressed from every single angle.