Social Media Day: A Reminder To Celebrate All Year Long

June 30, 2016
Steve Roney, Digital Account Manager

Happy Social Media Day! I know it may have snuck up on you—people must be late in putting up their decorations—but it’s here all the same, so let’s get to celebrating. Anyone know the hashtag?

Don’t feel bad if you had no idea Social Media Day was upon us. Launched in 2010 by the digital publisher Mashable, the day marks social media’s impact on global communication.

Any follow-up sentence to that previous line is obviously trite. The statistics attesting to social media’s worldwide ubiquity are both numerous and mind-numbing to the point where, as with professional athlete salaries, the numbers eventually begin to lose meaning: Facebook now has 1.65 billion users? There are 6,000 tweets sent every second? A 25-year-old baseball player signed a $325 million contract? Sounds like a lot.

What it all really means is, if you’re looking to make an impact, you need to be online—that’s where all the people are, and they’re all sharing and clicking and willing to read at least a few lines of nearly anything. And they have all made themselves reachable via social media.

Now before you set off to start a petition or set up a Snapchat for your organization, remember this: easy start-up doesn’t make social media an easy game to master. Novice hikers should not attempt to summit difficult peaks, and the internet is littered with zero-follower accounts tweeting to themselves.

When done correctly, digital advocacy has the power to win legislative victories, build impactful grassroots coalitions, and influence policy.

So what about online activity and social media in particular can actually help achieve these significant goals? A strong understanding of who your audience is, what they like, and how to best reach them online is the first step. You need to monitor the online conversations surrounding your industry, your organization, and your issue priorities to understand the digital landscape and how these audiences react to it. At the same time, establishing an online rapport with your audiences will help strengthen your ability to shape a positive narrative in your favor to achieve objectives, influence key stakeholders, and respond quickly to any opposition. DDC’s team of experts has managed and analyzed social platforms and online activity for a swath of industries touching a range of client-related issues. We offer social listening tools, complete platform management (from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and even Snapchat), some of the most in-depth audience modeling and analytics to enhance online activity, and creative and interactive graphics to keep your site visitors interested in returning to your page. And we do it 365 days a year.

If you’re trying to get your organization over the hump, no matter the size, DDC can be your guide. We’ve got the in-house teams to handle your social media platforms no matter the goal, the issue, or the community size…and we’ll be at it many years from now, however the social media landscape looks then.

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