PACs, Want to Significantly Boost Your Fundraising Results? Cater to Your Mobile Workforce

March 8, 2016
Bill Bertles, SVP & Partner

The digital revolution gives consumers, influencers, and policymakers an unbelievable amount of information in the palms of their hands. As a result, individuals are empowered to participate in political discourse to an unprecedented degree and are more engaged via their mobile devices.

Until now, this level of access had not extended to the PAC marketplace. Fundraising websites have been only accessible on desktop devices and PCs, missing a large portion of the workforce that is more on-the-go. Recognizing the lost opportunity from not reaching its highly mobile workforce, DDC built an award-winning mobile platform capable of reaching PAC eligible employees wherever they are.

To achieve this, we had to reimagine what a PAC website is supposed to do—provide access inside of a client’s secured employee network—so that it could be made available to all PAC eligibles whether inside or outside of the office. Meeting donors at their fingertips with a mobile, fully responsive PAC solicitation website would ultimately transform the way that companies connect with potential PAC donors.

The solution required overcoming several challenges that have previously prevented this technology from advancing to the mobile age. Specifically, we needed to overcome security restrictions that required a single sign-on through a company’s corporate intranet, which mobile phones are unable to do out of the box. Once that was done, we would also need to redesign the platform to fit mobile websites, tablets, and PCs. These specific challenges had to be fulfilled while operating within the framework of Federal Election Commission regulations—something no other coproration had done before.

For the first time, we were able to transform a fully operational PAC website built for a PC and make it responsive on a mobile device, all while maintaining the security of the corporate network and ease of use with Single Sign-On.

So, what kind of results has it had?

Since implementing the solution, our clients’ PACs have seen record growth in their participation rates, new member enrollment, and total website visits. Many of our clients find that nearly half of all sessions are taking place on mobile devices and more than two-thirds of all contributions are being collected as mobile donations, speaking volumes to how the modern-day user accesses information.

As these early examples demonstrate, political action committees should and could adopt a more digital-friendly and modernized approach to reaching potential donors in order to maximize contributions. Employees—the primary resource for PAC growth for corporations—are increasingly more platform agnostic, making the need for mobile web solutions higher than ever. Our clients sought to maximize on potential contributions to their corporate PAC by not isolating eligible donors who have veered away from using traditional desktop devices. With a strategy that is applicable to any PAC, regardless of size and issue focus, having a mobile solution brings the PAC to the donor in every digital space.

DDC is the first PAC vendor to create a responsive mobile PAC website by taking a holistically different approach to reaching out to eligibles. With over half of client donations being delivered via mobile, this award-winning model proves that embracing technologically innovative solutions will reach people in far greater ways than in the past.

If your PAC is ready to make the switch by embracing a mobile-first solution to your online needs, contact DDC today.


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