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Want to add a “wow” factor to your PAC engagement strategy? And save valuable time with innovative PAC management tools? 

DDC has been helping PACs grow for 20 years.  We offer custom outreach strategies and a full suite of capabilities to help you engage and educate your eligibles, deliver compelling communications and collateral, and manage your PAC efficiently. Consider how we can help you move the needle for your PAC:

  • PAC Outreach Solutions. Stop telling your eligible class why giving to the PAC matters, and start showing them. PACs flourish when eligibles understand their true value—and that requires investing in long-term education and engagement. DDC provides customized outreach solutions to meet your PAC’s unique needs and connect the PAC to your organization’s larger culture, mission, and vision. We partner with you to combine the right messages and messengers with the right communication channels to capture your eligibles’ buy-in—from emails and digital content to video, print, and live or virtual presentations.
  • PAC Compliance & Administration Outsourcing. With DDC, you’ll have the expertise of a full team of experienced PAC professionals by your side for worry-free compliance and any level of administrative outsourcing.
  • PAC Fundraising Websites. Boost your solicitation efforts with a secure, mobile-friendly PAC website designed specifically for your brand. Features include secure single sign-on (SSO), credit card capabilities, user-specific content, one-time or recurring giving, and real-time tracking of results.
  • PAC Management Database. Prefer to be in the driver’s seat? Easily fulfill 100% of PAC administration and compliance responsibilities, from cutting checks and handling bank reconciliations, to analytics. As the #1 PAC database provider for two decades, we know a thing or two about making your job easier.
  • Speed & Reliability. Effective campaigns require effective tools. We maintain a secure and dependable infrastructure that ensures fast and reliable service for our clients—no matter the demand on our network or the traffic to your site.

Why choose DDC as your PAC partner?

DDC is the most trusted provider of PAC services for some of the most sophisticated PACs, including 30 of the Fortune 50. We currently partner with over 200 corporate and association PACs (and maintain a client retention rate of over 97%). PAC clients choose and stick with DDC for our unmatched experience. Maybe you should too.


For more information on our PAC services and technology, contact us through the included form, or at (202) 830-2038.

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