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Industry-leading Compliance and Administration Outsourcing

A partnership with DDC means you gain the benefit of the nation’s leading compliance experts in making sure your PAC is operating the way it should. Most members of our compliance team have been with DDC for over 10 years—and that doesn’t include their years of experience before coming to DDC.

You can choose which compliance and reporting tasks will most benefit your PAC program—from FEC and state filings to check cutting and bank account reconciliation and everything in between. We can handle any or all of your PAC administration needs.

Intuitive PAC Database Platform and Dynamic PAC Websites

DDC’s purpose-built PAC technology provides the flexible, easy-to-use tools you need to manage every aspect of your PAC, from fundraising and disbursements to reporting and compliance.

  • Our Democracy Direct™ PAC database supports PAC administration, compliance, and communications, making everything from solicitation and budgeting to disbursements, reconciliation and reporting more efficient—and more mobile.
  • Our PACWeb™ fundraising sites are the hub of a modern PAC’s communications ecosystem—and they’ll help you tailor education, engagement, and solicitation to each PAC-eligible individual.
  • DDC’s PAC Match tool makes the match selection a seamless part of your donor’s pledge process—and makes it easier for you to manage on the backend.

All-in-all: We are endlessly advancing our PAC technology to expand what it can help our clients achieve.

Custom PAC Engagement and Communications Strategies

DDC's philosophy is simple: No two PACs are the same. We help you develop strategies that fit YOUR goals, culture, target audiences, and unique challenges.

Whether you’re launching a new PAC, revitalizing a PAC that’s gone a bit stale, or responding to major internal or external changes, we offer the guidance and support to continually improve your PAC’s performance.

We aren’t just good at helping our clients build stronger PACs: we’re award winning.

Award-winning Creative and Content

DDC takes PAC creative and content to a whole new level. We tap into what makes your eligibles tick, align with your organization’s brand and purpose, and develop campaigns that feel fresh, energize your eligibles, and create excitement about how the PAC supports your overall success.

We offer comprehensive capabilities, so whether you need a new PAC brand, an attention-grabbing email template, a visual infographic to help explain how the PAC works, or a video to help bring the PAC to life, we’ve got you covered.