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It’s Time to Talk about Your PAC

  • Is your PAC engagement strategy missing a “wow” factor?
  • Are your PAC communications falling short?
  • Is your current PAC vendor measuring up to expectations?

Incorporating visual content, such as video, in your outreach can help viewers form an emotional connection to your PAC, increase the amount of time spent on your website, and ultimately boost conversion rates.

DDC has been helping PACs grow engagement (and receipts) for 20 years by offering more ways to engage, compelling communications vehicles, and all the services you need to successfully manage your PAC—all under one roof. Consider what you might be missing:

How can we help you achieve your goals next cycle?

  • PAC Videos – Visual content can be processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain. From motion graphic videos to live shoots, DDC offers full production video services to meet your needs—so that you can stop telling your eligible class how easy it is to give, and start showing them.
  • PAC Outreach Solutions – Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. To truly engage your audiences, you need a customized communications strategy that understands your audiences and your organization’s culture. DDC provides ongoing strategic communications uniquely designed to meet your PAC’s needs—delivered through branded emails, newsletters, and regular reporting, to PAC videos, websites (content and design), PowerPoint presentations, and digital and print collateral.
  • PAC Compliance & Administration Outsourcing. Save time and headaches by trusting the most respected team in the industry with your compliance and administration needs. You’ll have the expertise of a full team of experienced PAC professionals by your side for worry-free compliance and any level of administrative outsourcing.
  • PAC Fundraising Websites. Boost your solicitation efforts with a secure PAC website designed specifically for your brand. Our mobile-friendly sites make it easy for users to learn about and sign up for your PAC. Features include secure single sign on (SSO), user-specific content, one-time or recurring giving, and real-time tracking of results.
  • PAC Management Database. Prefer to be in the driver’s seat? Boost efficiency and easily fulfill 100% of PAC administration and compliance responsibilities, from cutting checks and handling bank reconciliations, to filing compliance reports and executing solicitations, to producing custom reports and tracking upcoming PAC events. As the #1 PAC database provider for two decades, we know a thing or two about making your job easier.

Why choose DDC as your PAC partner?

DDC is the most trusted provider of PAC services for some of the most accomplished brands in the world today, including 30 of the Fortune 50. Our PAC services team offers 100+ years of combined PAC experience backed by an entire suite of industry-leading PAC management tools. We currently partner with over 200 corporate and association PACs (and maintain a client retention rate of over 97%). PAC clients choose and stick with DDC for our unmatched experience. Maybe you should too.

For more information on our PAC services and technology, contact us through the included form, or at (202) 830-2038.

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