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Michael Shue

Executive Vice President, Client Relations

Michael Shue is one of DDC’s principal strategists, partnering with clients to design campaigns that drive favorable policy outcomes for his clients at all levels of government. Michael’s experience expands across 27 different global markets focusing on financial services, healthcare, defense, global trade issues, and consumer retail products. Thanks to two decades of experience, Michael knows the power of bringing third-party voices to drive the debate and demand the focus and attention of policymakers on the issues his clients care most about. He is a trusted consultant to senior executives and C-suite officers, bringing unique perspectives on how to navigate the ever-changing political landscape. With his wealth of knowledge and experience across the board, Michael leads DDC’s Healthcare Practice Group, offering strategic and practical insights on how to build and drive a productive dialogue surrounding critical, and often complex and highly technical, issues that ultimately lead to smart policy decisions. A thought leader in public affairs and communications, Michael has been featured in the Washington Post, Politico, BBC Radio, and leading political and policy-oriented digital publications.

Career Highlights:

  • Campaign operative for the Bush/Cheney team during the 2000 Presidential campaign; leading teams of volunteers in Austin, Texas
  • Worked to develop third-party coalitions of taxpayer rights’ activists during his tenure at Americans for Tax Reform
  • NRSC Campaign support for Lisa Murkowski's 2004 bid to retain her Senate seat