Kellin Heron

Vice President, Client Relations

Kellin Heron is a Vice President of Client Relations for DDC. Leveraging over 15 years of experience in PAC and political activity, Kellin specializes in developing and managing PAC strategy, advocacy communications, and grassroots engagement.

Career Highlights:

  • Deputy State Director with Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, managing C3 and C4 programming and serving as Senior Advisor for Americans for Prosperity Action (527).
  • Political Manager with Koch Industries, Inc., leading all aspects of fundraising, employee communications and PAC programming for Koch companies, increasing participation by 60% and annual contributions by 45%.
  • PAC Manager, Government Relations with Honeywell International, Inc., serving as Honeywell’s POC for presidential conventions and managing PAC recruitment and membership, resulting in a 37% increase in annual contributions.