Building a Concrete Story for NRMCA

March 16, 2017
Nickolena Sidler, Associate Creative Director

Last week, I and others at DDC had the opportunity to join our client, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show. The annual convention provides a week of more than 150 educational sessions and 2,500+ exhibitions from every major construction industry. As a vital sector within the field, it was imperative that NRMCA have a strong presence at the show, exemplifying the advantages of ready mixed concrete within the construction community.

With a partnership dating back to 2015, NRMCA and DDC have worked together to create and manage a creative and innovative Build with Strength campaign—highlighting the ready mixed concrete industry and the merits of building with the material. With the annual CONEXPO show approaching, DDC had the opportunity to help develop the NRMCA booth, displayed during the convention. Our goal was to produce a booth that not only showcased previous work within the Build with Strength campaign but also creatively stressed NRMCA’s importance within the construction industry.

So how do you take something concrete and mold it into a larger-than-life physical story? It’s a lot like construction itself. We needed to begin with the blueprints of what we wanted to create, imagining what the final product would look like. Once we’d established our vision, we could create a foundation and pillars on which to build the rest of the structure.

After plenty of brainstorming, we realized our idea was right in front of us all along—making the idea of building even more literal. The NRMCA booth would represent the foundational idea of “Strongtown,” a village featuring buildings that embody our three core pillars: Strength, Ease of Use, and Safety.

And in true construction fashion, we expanded our vision with our own additions to emphasize the importance of ready mixed concrete in the usage of pavement within the industry. To accentuate the benefits of concrete as a pavement option, a dedicated portion of the booth was developed to mimic a parking lot while we also included a fountain to demonstrate how water runs through pervious concrete material. These little touches further established the intricate and expansive story of ready mixed concrete.

Here at DDC, our creative team is constantly brainstorming the best ways to visually represent our client’s campaigns with creativity and innovation. This work for NRMCA’s booth at the CONEXPO show was an incredible opportunity to go above and beyond and truly think outside of the box to bring a campaign to life. We are very proud to have collaborated with NRMCA on this event and project.


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