Advocacy Strategy


Help your advocates engage in high-touch, offline activities that move decision-makers in ways that mass emails or tweets simply can’t.

From authoring op-eds to participating in localized advocacy events, there are a wide range of high-impact activities that advocates can engage in to support your issues. Make sure your advocates have the tools, confidence, and motivation to make their voices heard.

We detail five routes to meaningful action in the featured infographic.

To learn more about how to increase your advocacy impact, contact us today for a no-obligation discussion through the included form or at (202) 830-2038.


    With 20 years’ experience as the leading advocacy firm in the country, DDC has pioneered a constituent engagement strategy proven to increase participation among your advocates.

    • According to Congressional staffers, in-person engagement and media opportunities are more successful in swaying policymakers than emails, phone calls, or social interactions. At the end of the day, legislators want to connect directly with constituents.
    • DDC’s advocacy specialists work one-on-one to build ongoing relationships with advocates and engage them in increasing levels of activity. This means your investment in an advocacy program grows over time, as your advocates develop the skills, credibility, and commitment to maximize their impact.
    • We provide speaker training, collateral development, and on-the-ground support for town halls, pizza & politics luncheons, and other localized community events. Through these unique initiatives, we’re able to engage advocates in long-term commitments with issue campaigns.
    • Injecting the voices of your advocates into the media cycle has never been more important or effective. DDC’s in-house media specialists leverage relationships with critical outlets that are known to be monitored by key decision-makers. This helps create echo chambers on issues at the national level, as well as “back home,” which policymakers cannot ignore.
    • Our approach is customized for each campaign and to meet the needs of your advocates. So whether advocates are intercepting a legislator on the campaign trail or providing testimony at public hearings, we work to ensure your supporters are able to effectively communicate how an issue impacts them personally.
    • Finally, our clients always know where they stand—who their biggest “champions” are, where their advocacy assets are located, what actions are being taken to support their cause—so they can take action, whether proactive or reactive, whenever and wherever it’s needed most.

    How will you empower your advocates in 2016?

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