Meet Andrew: Vice President of Client Relations

July 27, 2020

DDC Public Affairs recently welcomed Andrew Nehring as a Vice President of Client Relations. We asked Andrew a few questions to get to know him better. See what he has to say:

What prompted you to pursue a career in public affairs?
I have always been a political junkie even from a young age. That was likely the biproduct of being born in raised just outside of Washington in Annapolis and Frederick. As I got older, I really enjoyed all aspects of politics: the debates, the policy, the comradery, and how what was happening in the political arena could change people’s lives (for better or for worse). But it was not until college that I started to get my first taste of working in politics by volunteering for a gubernatorial race in Maryland. At that time I truly had no idea what “public affairs” was but I knew I loved politics and campaigning, so I started looking for jobs that fell into those aspects, which led to me where I am today.

Why are you most excited to be a part of at DDC?
With the different experiences and clients I’ve had over the years, I am really looking forward to providing our clients with a new perspective on building strategic movements and coalitions that influence the social and political conversations. My experience lobbying Congress and the Administration along with my time at a national taxpayer think-tank will hopefully help provide a similar approach with a new perspective on how our clients policy or regulatory issues impact the current political environment and how to best position them within that debate.

What’s your favorite thing about living in DC?
DC has always been my “back yard” so to speak, but even though I have lived in this area for most of my life, what I love most is being able to walk out of my apartment and a few blocks away is the White House, The Capitol, and all the monuments that people travel across the country to see. I have never taken that for granted and it is something that never gets old.

What has it been like starting a new job in 2020?
I would say the most challenging aspect of this whole virtual transition for me has been only being able to meet the majority of my colleagues through a computer screen—you don’t get the same interpersonal connection you would otherwise get by being in an office. However, everyone throughout the agency has been super helpful and willing to answer any of my questions, no matter how small or trivial. This effort has helped me feel like a part of the team and get right to work on some of the new clients DDC has recently brought on board.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I played hockey for over 20 years and got to live and travel to some really cool places around the country when I was lucky enough to play Junior A/B hockey (lived in three different states: North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida).


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