Looking Ahead from 20 Years in Public Affairs

January 17, 2017
Jim Gianiny, President

With 2016 brought to a close, DDC’s 20-year anniversary is now history. The election season is behind us, a new President is about to be sworn in, and the start of the New Year has arrived. Discussions around water coolers and board rooms alike are focusing on the art of prediction and the desire to know what’s coming next.

One thing we can be sure of is the inevitability of change. In the coming years, technology, media, and politics will transform and propel us in directions impossible to fully predict. Changes in how people connect with one another and engage with businesses, organizations, and causes will alter our world even more. Emerging technology platforms and shifting communication dynamics will continue to evolve. The potential of data analytics is growing exponentially and will be central to future success in issue advocacy, public affairs, and the corporate communication challenges of tomorrow.

And while change is a constant, success is anything but inevitable. Reflecting on our last 20 years and turning our eye toward the next 20, we know that the foundation for successfully navigating change is built on the things that didn’t. DDC’s foundation has seen us through change and challenge alike by keeping constant certain guiding principles. Vision, hard work, clarity of purpose, trust in your colleagues, and a willingness to learn from mistakes—all elements that will guide us through the changes to come.

To our clients and colleagues alike, we thank you for 20 years of trust and dedication. We enter our 21st year with the most talented team in public affairs. Our desire and capability to achieve client success has never been stronger and our appreciation for our clients has never been deeper.

Thank you to everyone who made the first 20 years possible. Happy 21st, DDC!


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