Infrastructure Illuminated: Why Innovation and Funding Matter

May 16, 2018
Teresa Stepic, Senior Vice President, Client Relations

It’s National Infrastructure Week and another year to explore the expansive role infrastructure plays in our lives: From the infrastructure we see to the infrastructure working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep America moving forward.

On any given day, the average American probably doesn’t notice the impact infrastructure plays in their daily life. Even though we don’t see all the cables, grids and inner workings of tunnels, roads and transit systems, they are all working together. Particularly in the past decade, advances in innovation have helped us knit all the various pieces of infrastructure together so that each piece complements the other, ultimately providing us seamless and reliable access to the places we visit, people we see and technologies we interact with.

From the looks of it, we’re headed in a great direction. However, infrastructure doesn’t develop like that without the collective buy-in from our elected officials and their support for legislation and regulation to fund innovators, creators, fixers, and maintainers of infrastructure. The allocation of funding is often influenced by political agendas and governmental red tape. Here are a few thoughts about why it’s so important for our elected officials to support innovation and ensure infrastructure projects are properly funded:

  • Infrastructure is everywhere. It is the conduit that moves people, goods, and services and keeps us competitive. From industrial job growth to access to new opportunities to development of the next generation technology, elected officials need to fund projects that support the advancement and maintenance of our infrastructure system.
  • Evolution is necessary. Infrastructure ages just as we do. Something that was cutting-edge at one time doesn’t necessarily stand up 20 years later. It’s because of this that innovation is an American way of life. It increases accessibility and convenience for millions of Americans. However, part of the reason so much of our infrastructure is ‘invisible’ is because of the operational cohesion among all of the industries that are touched by infrastructure. To run smoothly, as one part is innovated, the other components must keep up. And what is needed to secure innovation and adaptation across a vast range of industries?
  • Security is vital. Now more than ever before, security, both on- and off-line, is an enormous aspect of American life and infrastructure. From protecting our assets and data on the internet to ensuring our traffic system and roads get us home safely every night, infrastructure is a key factor in American safety. For example, entire industries depend on today’s complex energy grid. With threats of cyberattacks and software bugs looming, properly funding the implementation of smart technology to the industry provides the necessary procedures to protect the energy grid and safeguard our industries to continue operations effectively and efficiently.

With Trump’s $1T plan finally unveiled this year, it’s more and more imperative that Americans truly understand the importance of infrastructure and how funding can directly affect the innovation needed to support our way of life. This Infrastructure Week, we hope, as long-time partners and supporters of innovators and industry leaders, that regardless of political stripes, Americans can stand together to make this critical issue a top priority. It truly is #TimetoBuild.

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