Employee of the Quarter Spotlight: Netsanet Mengesha

May 10, 2019

Spring has arrived and we’ve just named our most recent recipient for the Q1 2019 Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter, Netsanet Mengesha. Part of the Development team for over 10 years, Netsanet continues to bring a positive attitude and team player mentality as she plays an integral role in our PAC team’s success in supporting clients with their filings at the state and federal level.

Check out our interview and learn a little bit more about Netsanet below!

Congratulations! Let’s start with a little introduction to your role here at DDC. How would you describe your position?

I am a software developer so I play a key role in programming and designing the DDC application used by our clients to file PAC reports, like FEC and state reports, helping DDC to be more efficient and provide a better service to our clients.

Your coworkers continued to emphasize how team-oriented you are in their nominations. However, I think there’s often a misconception that developers typically work solo. In your opinion, why is teamwork critical in your work as a developer?

It’s incredibly challenging to program software applications on your own. It requires participation from all team members on a project to truly be successful. As a developer, you also must pay close attention when ideas come from other team members, technical or non-technical, and make sure to give credit to those teammates in enhancing the end product. One should gain and give back skills that contribute to the overall success of the team.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Coffee, art, friends and reading.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually wake up early, have my coffee, start my work before 8 a.m., beginning with all critical work that requires a great deal of concentration first before tackling other projects.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

I like to watch old films and spend time with friends and family.

Over the past decade, what is a skill that you’ve worked hard to master as a developer?

Working with ActiveReports designing, customizing and publishing data in an application.

What skill outside of your work at DDC would you like to master?

I would love to master watercolor painting.

You’ve been here for over 10 years! What would you say is the most important professional lesson you’ve learned while you’ve been at DDC?

A developer never stops learning.

The Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter Award honors DDC employees who go above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients and our company. Named after longtime friend and colleague Ken Deggs whose character and work ethic exemplified excellence, the award provides donations to the Ken Deggs family while honoring his proud legacy.


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