Employee of the Quarter Spotlight: Meghan Graf

July 17, 2018

The weather is hot and a new quarter is upon us. We’ve just named our most recent recipient for the Q2 2018 Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter, Meghan Graf, Associate Vice President, Client Relations. Joining DDC in 2017, Meghan immediately jumped in to go above and beyond for each and every campaign she works on. In Q2, Meghan has worked tirelessly to see that all of her clients are headed into this election season as ready as ever.

Check out our interview and learn a little bit more about Meghan!

You are pursuing a Masters in Strategic Public Relations while also working full-time at DDC, how do you stay organized?

It’s not easy, but luckily there is a lot of overlap in the master’s program and what we do here at DDC. It’s always interesting to take new learnings from my academic peers and apply it to client cases and vice versa. Having insight into the latest strategic communications best practices and implementations has been tremendously helpful in crafting advocacy campaigns for my clients.

What motivates you?

There are always unique challenges in client work. Showing up to work every day to tackle these challenges keeps me going and motivates me to be a problem-solver.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in a client-facing role?

It’s important to be patient and work as a team – no task is too small. Building these kinds of relationships internally helps foster trust and amplify the client’s goals.

What has been your favorite memory at DDC thus far?

Playing on the DDC softball team when I first started at DDC a year ago was an easy way to get to know my new coworkers in a casual setting. We lost every game, but luckily that leaves room for improvement!

DC is full of tourist attractions. What’s your favorite place to take visitors in the city?

The Library of Congress is the most underrated tourist attraction in DC. The architecture is absolutely breathtaking and it’s such a unique space compared to some of the other tourist attractions in the city. Definitely worth the visit whether you’re a local or a visitor.

What is the most rewarding part of working in client relations? 

I’ve found the professional relationships I’ve been able to form both with the clients and teams I work with at DDC to be particularly rewarding. It’s nice to be able to work with so many different parts of the company and have insight into how different teams fit together to produce results for all of our clients.

We are in an election year. What strategies do you think are important to keep in mind when talking to clients about achieving their campaign and program goals?

Ballot initiatives and elections are a great opportunity to get advocates involved in the conversation. By using the time up until the election to educate and persuade advocates on the issues at hand, there’s a real opportunity to make an impact in the larger public policy narrative.

What is one professional lesson you’ve learned at DDC?

It’s so important to work as a team in an agency environment. Fostering a team camaraderie to successfully execute campaigns helps us achieve client goals – and it makes work more fun too!

The Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter Award honors DDC employees who go above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients, and our company. Named after longtime friend and colleague Ken Deggs whose character and work ethic exemplified excellence, the award provides donations to the Ken Deggs family while honoring his proud legacy.


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