Employee of the Quarter Spotlight: Emily Peters

April 10, 2017

Our Employee of the Quarter Spotlight is DDC’s new series of quarterly interviews focused on highlighting our talented and passionate team. The series gives us just a bit of insight into the latest recipient of our Kenn Deggs Employee of the Quarter award and who they are. For all of her hard work and dedication during the first quarter of 2017, we introduce you to our Senior Copywriter, Emily Peters.

What’s your role here at DDC and how long have you been here? 

Senior Copywriter; I’ve been at DDC for a year and a half now.

What’s the most important question you ask clients when developing content for their campaigns? 

I always ask what the client wants someone to think or feel when they receive a particular communication. Understanding the underlying emotion that will drive a campaign is really key. Anyone can talk about a goal or a strategy. Driving down to those deeper emotions means engaging audiences with compelling messages and creative that speaks directly to them.

What is the best advice you’d give to a new DDC employee? 

Don’t be afraid to jump right in — be bold, be loud, be creative. Big ideas are wanted.

What would you say are some of the best ways to optimize content to better reach audiences? 

I think you have to figure out how your message fits into someone’s everyday life — that’s so important. To say that people are overwhelmed and inundated with information is a huge understatement. You have to find that one nugget of information that cuts through demographics and target audiences and goes straight to the personal, emotional level. What’s the one thing you can say that will make someone pause — even if it’s just for a second — to hear how your issue affects their daily lives, their children, their friends and family? That’s really all people care about. The rest is just noise.

Coffee or Tea? 


What three words would you use to describe the team at DDC?

Motivated. Energetic. Collaborative.

If you had to choose a local restaurant to recommend, which would it be? 

MXDC — their guacamole is so good, you can make an entire meal out of it.

You deal with a lot of creative brainstorming for your job. What is your favorite thing to do that gets your creative juices flowing? 

Well, to have a great brainstorm, you need people — the best ideas are generated by bouncing ideas off of one another; building off of a new perspective. Then you need a fun environment (a conference room isn’t going to cut it). Get outside, go to a park — you need an inspiring location. Once you have the basics in place, I think great snacks are a must (the more calories, the better) and you need great brainstorming tools — crayons, markers, post-its, bouncy balls, Play Doh, silly putty —things that people can play with. If people are having fun, the ideas will follow.

What’s the most fulfilling part of working at DDC?

DDC recognizes and encourages great work. I love that. I never feel like I’m being held back — DDC empowers you to push further, to think bigger, to try something new. Success is never overlooked — we celebrate the big wins, and maybe more importantly, the small things we achieve day-to-day. And when things don’t go as planned, we take on problems as a team — no finger pointing, no ‘I told you so’. I can’t think of anything better than that.

The Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter Award honors DDC employees who go above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients, and our company. Named after longtime friend and colleague Ken Deggs, whose character and work ethic exemplified excellence, the award provides donations to the Ken Deggs family while honoring his proud legacy.

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