Employee of the Quarter Spotlight – Roselyn Igbani

February 5, 2020

Check out our interview and learn a bit more about Roselyn below!

Congratulations! Let’s start with a little introduction to your role here at DDC. How would you describe your position?

I’m currently a Senior Art Director in DDC’s Creative Department. I help establish and direct the look and feel of issue advocacy campaigns across many client brands. Whether that be through a print ad, social graphic, website, or video, I work to add creative flare to complex issues while ensuring the integrity of a client’s brand isn’t compromised.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in a creative role?

Be open to creative criticism but stay humble and true to your brand.

Everybody has a morning routine. What are the first things you do when you arrive at the office in the morning?

I drop my things off at my desk and do my round of hellos! I’ve made a lot of friends at the office so it’s nice catching up with people and getting morning coffees before the day gets going.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s a combination of meetings, designing, and overseeing creative work from inhouse and remote designers.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

Sometimes I do happy hours, other times I binge on YouTube food and makeup tutorials.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned while at DDC?

Allowing your teammates to support you and overcommunicating your needs and ideas helps the creative process no matter the ask or deadline.

What skill outside of your work at DDC would you like to master?

Animation is really cool. Also, defining music and sound design in video editing process.

On a Sunday afternoon, where would we find you?

I’d like to be found at a winery. But I’m usually at home getting ready for the week to come.

What motivates you?

My niece and nephew. I’m one of four aunts and I’m currently in first place in terms of favorite auntie and cool points so I can’t let them down.

What has been your favorite memory at DDC thus far?

Honestly, every DDC function involving the employees getting to know each other off peak hours. There is a lot of talent and genuinely good people under our roof.

What’s the last fun fact you learned?

Having a creative project manager is amazing.

The Ken Deggs Employee of the Quarter Award honors DDC employees who go above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients, and our company. Named after longtime friend and colleague Ken Deggs whose character and work ethic exemplified excellence, the award provides donations to the Ken Deggs family while honoring his proud legacy.


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