Sudha Vijjeswarapu

Software Architect

Sudha Vijjeswarapu serves as a Software Architect at DDC. As part of this role, Sudha works closely with Product Management and Engineering teams to provide technical vision and direction to ensure DDC’s IT solutions function at the optimum level.

Sudha started at DDC in 2008 as a Senior Software Engineer working with the Product development and R&D teams. Prior to joining DDC, Sudha worked as a Senior Software Engineer both in the federal and commercial spaces. She worked and contributed to the success of these organizations that are part of the non-profit, IT consulting and entertainment industries.

Sudha has a Bachelor’s degree from Computer Science & Engineering department at Nagarjuna University, India. She holds several certifications including Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

She resides in Ashburn, VA with her husband Prabhi and their daughters, Parvini and Sindhu.