Raheel Sohail

Director, Technical Support

Raheel Sohail serves as DDC’s Director of Technical Support. Under Raheel’s guidance and leadership, DDC offers scalable levels of technical support for our clients. In this role, he provides critical strategic guidance, consistently delivering solution-oriented results that allow clients to most effectively operate all of our product offerings. Raheel and his team are often tasked with identifying technical issues and providing innovative solutions.

Prior to joining DDC, Raheel worked in the vast technical field, serving in both the private and government sectors. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C., area, he is deeply involved in his community, being a part of several community sports leagues, including football, baseball, and soccer. Raheel is also an avid gamer and enjoys studying the technology behind the latest gaming platforms.

Raheel graduated from TESST College of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering.