Nickolena Sidler

Associate Creative Director

As Associate Creative Director with DDC, Nickolena manages and mentors a team of designers that lead brand management, graphic web and strategic design for DDC’s major clients. Under her management, her team guides the conceptualization and design of websites, advertisements, social media graphics, infographics, print collateral, and more.

Nickolena also assists DDC’s Creative Director in building and managing client design efforts to conceptualize and construct websites, advertisements, social media graphics and infographics.

Nickolena has nearly a decade of experience leading efforts in design and development of websites and online/digital material for leading companies. She previously served as Senior Designer for the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) where she lead concept design and development while also managing Junior Designers and spearheading critical advertisement campaigns. Nickolena also held the position of Graphics Modeling Specialist for Technologists Inc. where she took on the role of designing 3D models, advertising campaigns, brochures, and marketing materials.