Cristina Minasian Nurnberger

Senior Vice President, Client Relations

Cristina Minasian Nurnberger brings to the firm a wide-ranging background in innovative digital strategy, grassroots political campaigns, and corporate communications strategy. In this role, Cristina leverages more than a decade of campaign management and public affairs experience to benefit her clients across a variety of industries, including consumer retail products, energy, defense, technology, and health care.

Before joining DDC, Cristina served as Director of Client Services for Campaign Solutions, a leading online political and public affairs firm in Alexandria, Virginia. In this role, she was responsible for strategic digital management for political and nonprofit campaigns, including Presidential campaigns, targeted statewide races, SuperPACs, and independent expenditures efforts. She also served as the Deputy Political and Coalitions Director to former Hewlett-Packard CEO and U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, and an associate for Wilson-Miller Communications, a leading public affairs consulting firm in Sacramento.

A San Francisco native, Cristina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science – public service and a communications minor from University of California, Davis.