What the Emerging Stars Program Taught Me: Omnicom Emerging Stars – Class of 2018

November 27, 2018
Emi Averill, Senior Associate, Client Relations

As a member of the Omnicom Group, DDC has had the opportunity over the past few years to send staff members to participate in professional development programs and this year, I was selected to attend the Emerging Stars program. The program is a crash course in the most innovative and creative methodologies that Omnicom has to offer, training young professionals to become leading thinkers by providing us the chance to see how our network’s best agencies work.

During the program, I was put into a hands-on, integrated marketing challenge, working with a group of colleagues from various agencies within the Omnicom network to design and pitch a solution for our client. Over the course of four days, I learned an immense amount about how Omnicom’s network comes together to create solutions for a diverse set of clients. This insight and our collaboration during the program gave me a deep appreciation for the breadth of work covered under the Omnicom umbrella.

There was so much to learn during the program but there were three main lessons that I took away from my time at Emerging Stars:

Each Omnicom agency is different—and that’s great! Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget you have a network of problem solvers, innovators, and strategic thinkers at the ready and all under one umbrella. By broadening our horizons and putting a high value on collaboration, we can continue to find creative and effective solutions to our client’s needs. The program helped me to learn what the different Omnicom agencies do and do well. In the future, I hope to bring other agencies’ specialties and strengths to the table to create a solution for a client issue that my team and I are facing at DDC.

Invest in your professional environment to maximize your work life. Creating a great work environment may take time but surrounding yourself with colleagues that you are excited to come to work with each day helps produce excellent work and deliver wins for our clients. It is vital to create a work environment that inspires you and makes you excited about your work.

I can do this! Sometimes, it takes us coming out of our comfort zone and putting ourselves in an intimidating situation to see our own potential. Making a very real pitch to a client and senior executives within the Omnicom companies was challenging to say the least, but once completed, my confidence soared, and I knew I had pushed myself in a way that encouraged professional and personal growth. Put yourself in situations that challenge you and perhaps you’ll surprise yourself, too!

These lessons, as well as the opportunity to work with so many different people from different backgrounds who share a passion for our industry, are things that I am grateful for. The program, combined with the recognition by colleagues, continues to drive my momentum to challenge myself and to continue to work hard each day at DDC.


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