Digital’s Increasing Influence in Capitol Hill

November 7, 2016
Chandler Watts, Proposal and Marketing Writer

Featured in a new Washington Post article, a recent survey conducted by the opinion research firm, Prime Group, is coming out with findings suggesting social media and digital advocacy are gaining traction as heavyweight influencers among policymakers. For the second year in a row, the surveyed group of notable Washington leaders is anticipating more growth in the digital realm than through direct lobbying, advocacy advertising, and political contributions. This increased use of social media and technology is a reflection into the proven strategy of incorporating digital foundations in with more traditional government relations strategies to build an integrated and comprehensive public affairs program. With a broad program, your organization has a wider reach and the ability to develop relationships with various audiences in the way they want to be reached.

But the true difference between digital efforts and more traditional avenues is that these platforms act as channels that make message dissemination quicker, make connections between like-minded (as well as un-like-minded) people easier, and expand the universe of people who have the potential to be influential. Those abilities have far-reaching implications on issue-advocacy that go beyond just basic tactics—it shifts how campaigns are run both online and off.

At DDC, we understand the breadth of these implications on issue advocacy and the opportunities and threats that make the digital space a truly unique environment. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to embrace the potential of digital to expand their reach, leverage sophisticated social listening tools to understand the conversations happening about their brands—and then drive that narrative—and mobilize tens of thousands of like-minded advocates on wide-ranging consumer issues.

With legislators coming back into session after the election and 2017 fast approaching, now is the time to consider how the digital space should be integrated into your advocacy program for maximum impact. But before you run out and grab several Twitter handles, it’s important to be strategic.

Depending on your needs, there are a number of options to enhance your reach and be an influencer in the digital space. At DDC, we utilize a suite of tools to help our clients weed through the online noise surrounding their issues and make our insights actionable and significant. From social listening to content management, DDC can offer customized solutions that speak to your audience and amplify their voice in Washington, ultimately taking your program to the next level.

To learn more and start planning for 2017, contact us.


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