DDirect Mobile – How the Latest Release for Democracy Direct® is Putting Client Needs First

August 2, 2017
John Constantine, Vice President, R&D

If you haven’t seen it by now, you soon will. DDC’s newest release is the much-anticipated DDirect Mobile application, a critical tool for any government relations professional who needs to access their program’s data and assets in today’s digital world. It’s specifically designed for our Grassroots and PAC users, who work on the go—meeting with elected officials, their staffs, and key decision-makers—with the ability to create real-time, easily shareable reports.

This latest release to our signature product is a testament to DDC’s fundamental methodology to design and develop innovative products that put our clients—and the end-user experience—at the forefront of our strategic approach.

We listen to clients describe their needs and wants for a mobile-first public affairs tool, and begin by asking questions like:

  • Who specifically is going to benefit the most from this product?
  • How will they use it?
  • How would they like to use it if anything were possible?
  • What features are needed to make their jobs quicker and easier?
  • What proposed features might only slow them down?

But it doesn’t stop with asking the right questions, because all of our clients have challenges, needs, and experiences that are unique to their business, their industries, and their brands.

To ensure we’re effectively addressing their unique needs, we bring in clients from the beginning to review our initial product concepts, well before a single line of code is written. Is this a tool you’d use? How would you use it—as described or in some other way? We look to them for critical feedback so that we can be sure that our design, the workflow, and the feature set will help improve how they do their jobs every day.

As our visions come to life, we again turn to our clients to test our products while still in development, to figure out what they like about them and what they don’t, and provide feedback—which actually shapes how the final products look, feel, and perform.

This latest release is no different. DDirect Mobile is a result of this strategic, collaborative approach. As you examine this new product, you can see the client input that supported our efforts and helped build a reliable and powerful solution. For example, clients had a direct impact on several important features:

  • Touch ID/Fingerprint and PIN Authentications – Client feedback emphasized the need for ease-of-use without sacrificing security. With this feedback in mind, our authentication features add needed security while optimizing the experience so users don’t have to enter their login credentials each time they use the app. It’s a win-win: a solution that is fast and
  • Global Reports – Clients meeting with key decision makers and officials depend on being able to speak to them about why your issues matter to them. Why should they care? This feature provides reports that will automatically appear with data tailored to each legislator, making it possible for you to get your story where it can be most effective.
  • Quick Look Assets – A critical piece of feedback we received emphasized how busy and rushed legislator meetings can often be in the real world. Both clients and legislators are busy people. It can be difficult to schedule time to meet and discuss your issues. So when it does happen, clients demand flexibility—being able to pull up critical asset information at a district or state level quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Each opportunity to sit down with a legislator or a member of his or her senior staff represents a small window of time to tell your story, and that story is told through data—from the individuals you employ in a legislative district, to the tax revenue generated by your presence, to the number of facilities you maintain, to the number of customers who rely on your products and services, on down the line.

This collaboration between DDC and our clients allowed us to better understand how we could provide powerful and necessary solutions to help support the stories being told by our clients.

DDC is committed to our partnership with our clients and working together to build innovative products and strategies that address critical needs and support client goals.


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