DDC’s Story Continues to Unfold

September 25, 2014
Jim Gianiny, President

DDC starts a new chapter this week as we open our headquarters in the heart of the Nation’s Capital.

With 20 years of perspective to offer, I assure you there is more to the DDC story than a new office—or our new logo and website. There are the stories to be told of innovations we’ve brought to the marketplace, of hard-fought victories we’ve realized for our clients, the awards we’ve won and the growth we’ve achieved. While these stories provide a point of pride looking back and motivation looking ahead for the business, the best stories for me are always personal.

The appreciation and admiration I have for the DDC family is immeasurable and has, above all else, provided me the most enjoyment and gratification over the past two decades. It’s a family made up of employees and clients alike, each adding their individual character and contribution to build on our story. The DDC family remains and will always be my source of inspiration.

Today DDC is strongly positioned as the leaders in delivering effective, innovative solutions to the public affairs market. We remain dedicated to defining our success through delivering results for our clients, knowing that client success will write every new chapter to come as our story continues to unfold.

To our clients and my colleagues, past and present, thank you for being a part of our family and for the role you have played in our story. We look forward to continuing to achieve for our clients and to being the trusted leaders in public affairs, worldwide.

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