DDC Joins the Omnicom Family

December 9, 2014
Jim Gianiny, President

This week marks another important milestone for DDC. Just yesterday, it was announced that we have accepted an invitation to join the DAS Group of Companies (DAS), a division of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC).

Now part of the DAS family, DDC’s suite of integrated, data-driven public affairs solutions just expanded, exponentially, as did our strength as strategic partners delivering winning results for our clients. Partnered now with some of the most iconic brands in communications, advertising and media buying around the globe, DDC is part of a network serving international, regional, national and local clients through more than 700 offices in 71 countries.

This opportunity also solidifies our growth plans for DDC far beyond any reach we might have on our own. We can continue to innovate for our clients and provide growth opportunities for our team. Furthermore, we fit seamlessly into DAS’s overarching strategy to leverage data and insights to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients and their brands.

To our clients, we want to say thank you for the opportunity to continue providing you with trusted public affairs services for your most important issues. Today is a landmark day for DDC—one that will only empower us to continue delivering solutions that help you achieve your business and policy goals.

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