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Raise the Limit on Your PAC’s Potential.

Achieve new possibilities with custom PAC outreach strategies.

A successful PAC needs a foundation of dependable technology and compliance. But people don’t come to your PAC simply because you build it. Growing your PAC requires outreach that resonates with your audiences and drives their participation.

The reality is, messaging and tactics that work for one PAC don’t necessarily work for others.

DDC offers custom outreach strategies to help you engage and grow your membership.

  • What is the value of PAC outreach? PACs flourish when employees understand their true value—and that requires investing in long-term education and engagement. DDC provides customized outreach solutions to help you connect the PAC to your organization’s larger culture, mission, and vision.
  • How should PAC outreach be delivered? We partner with you to combine the right messages and messengers with the right communication channels to capture YOUR eligibles’ buy-in—from emails and digital content to video, print, and live or virtual presentations.
  • Why partner with DDC? Too often, PACs spend resources on generic PAC messages and communications that don’t really resonate with their audiences. Our PAC outreach experts work to understand your audiences and deliver consistent engagement that motivates eligibles within the context of your company or association.

For more information on our PAC outreach solutions, contact us through the included form, or at (202) 830-2038.


Last year, T-Mobile PAC (T-PAC) turned to DDC to help strengthen their PAC outreach, as their previous partner’s generic PAC messaging wasn’t resonating with their audiences. Early strategy sessions revealed several challenges and opportunities facing the PAC, including new solicitation approvals that significantly expanded their eligible class, a strong disconnect between PAC branding and the rest of their corporate identity, and a need for ongoing outreach, rather than communicating only during fundraising campaigns.

DDC developed segmented communications to new and existing contributors, rebranded the PAC in line with T-Mobile’s edge-cutting, Un-carrier motif, and mapped out consistent engagement speaking to the perks of the PAC and policy updates, in addition to fundraising. We also identified an opportunity to leverage John Ledger, the much admired CEO of T-Mobile, to serve as a face of the PAC. Eligibles recognized the PAC as an important extension of T-Mobile, were more engaged year-round, and felt driven to promote T-Mobile as the voice for the industry, rather than their competitors.

In early 2016, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) partnered with DDC to revitalize their PAC, overcoming several obstacles to strengthen engagement and boost fundraising. A strict two-month solicitation period meant we would need to engage, educate, and ask their eligible class to give, all within an 8-week construct. Furthermore, awareness of the PAC was weak and the participatory nature of the company culture had not carried over to the PAC.

Working with P&G, DDC helped rebrand the PAC and rebuild its foundation. We connected the PAC brand to P&G’s corporate identity, adopting an Olympic theme and incorporating leadership voices into the campaign’s outreach — encouraging the company’s participatory culture to cross over to the PAC. We focused our outreach heavily on education and engaging new ambassadors, setting the PAC up for future success. By Labor Day, P&G had exceeded their stretch goal for the year and laid the foundation for a strong year to follow.


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