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Turn Your Big Data into Actionable Insights

Big data is growing explosively, and organizations that know how to use it are reaping the benefits. Are you making the most of yours?

More than 75% of major business organizations are investing in big data to improve performance and help achieve their business needs, and advocacy organizations should be doing the same.

big big dataFor the advocacy world, this means collecting and aggregating data tied to your audiences and campaigns, but more importantly, knowing how to make sense of that data to make it actionable. Whether it’s building a better process for capturing and organizing your data, making sense of what data you actually have, or knowing how to leverage it to further your advocacy goals, DDC can provide the expertise needed to retrieve the value of the data you own.

DDC helps clients resolve their data challenges and take advantage of the valuable insights rooted in their data. Let us help you:

  • Uncover your “dark data,” or operational data that isn’t being used.
  • Clean up disorganized data, building a better process for capturing and storing incoming data.
  • Integrate your data sources—social media, website traffic, offline activity, internal and external assets, predictive data—aggregating data across departments.
  • Make sense of your data, turning it into actionable insights you can use to help shape your strategies.
  • Collect data on your website visitors, understand your audiences, and remarket issue-specific content directly to them.
  • Put your data to work with our dynamic political asset maps.

For more information on our data services and technology, contact us through the included form, or at (202) 830-2038.

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