3 Ways to Ensure Your Social Media Content is Seen

April 2, 2015
Katie Thompson, Digital Media Associate

Beyond DDC, the advice is the same anywhere you go for social strategy: define your goals, know where your audience is, and good content always wins. But then what? Even if you follow the rules, odds are your message isn’t fully resonating in the big world that is social media. In fact, the average post from a Facebook page organically reaches a fraction of the page’s fans. In Facebook’s evolving quest to deliver content to the right audience, the social network’s constantly changing algorithm is only decreasing that number.

While digital consultants and social media experts will never be able to fight algorithms or predict the next big trend, there are three things any brand, big or small, can implement to keep amazing content from falling into a black hole.


  1. Recycle content. Many brands fear that reposting content shows a lack of creativity, keeping them from reusing impactful content. However, one post will reach only a fraction of your audience. Vary the time of publication, slightly revise the content, or adjust your targeting strategy. Facebook and LinkedIn have sophisticated targeting techniques; take advantage of your options and spread your word as far as possible.
  2. Explore new tools. You shouldn’t be on more platforms than you have capacity to keep relevant and engaging. However, brands should never shy away from trying new capabilities or tools that can amplify quality content. Twitter’s new in-app live streaming tool, Periscope, now gives anyone the option to live stream video through Twitter. Think about moving your weekly Twitter Q&A with a senior staffer to Periscope. Periscope subscribers can easily tune in, introducing your message to a new group of highly engaged online influencers.
  3. Invest in your audience—not just your content. Yes, promoting content is key to ensuring your content is prioritized above the buzz. Equally as important is constantly recruiting fresh faces to join your community. If the same people keep interacting with your content and sharing it with their fans, your level of engagement will reach a ceiling. Allocating a small amount of money to bringing in new influencers that express an interest in your cause will pay dividends when they choose to share your content to a whole new world.

It’s easy for good content to get lost in the world of social media. Start using these three tactics, and the world won’t seem so big after all.

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