2018 Outstanding Corporate PAC: Partnering with T-PAC to Develop an Unbeatable and Unstoppable PAC Program

March 8, 2018
Bethany Dame, Senior Vice President, Client Relations

We recently returned from the annual PAC Conference in Miami and luckily, came back home with more than just a sunburn. In fact, we returned with some very exciting news! The Public Affairs Council named our client, T-Mobile, winner of the 2018 Public Affairs Innovation Award for Outstanding Corporate PAC. This award is given to a corporate PAC that utilizes creative approaches to promote PAC success, and we are honored to have worked with T-Mobile this past year as they implemented an innovative new employee outreach campaign.

So what did T-Mobile do to get the win?  

Prior to 2017, T-PAC was facing a challenge that plagues many PAC programs – a lack of understanding among employees about what the PAC does and how it supports and promotes T-Mobile’s business priorities. Additionally, the PAC’s communications were traditional and DC-centric, making them feel disconnected and out of step with the boldness of T-Mobile’s corporate brand. As a result, T-PAC’s outreach was falling flat with eligible employees. The T-Mobile team knew it was time for a change. T-Mobile brought DDC on board to help develop an outreach campaign that is:

  • Visually appealing
  • On-brand, and
  • Builds a story that better explains the importance of the PAC to the T-Mobile employees.

Achieving these goals required a creative storytelling solution. Luckily for us, we had inspiration right under our nose.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has developed a Batman-like persona on social media – protecting the ‘Un-carrier’ from the “evil” status quo. So, playing on the narrative of the vigilante versus the supervillain only seemed fitting. Our creative and communications teams got to work crafting comic book-like figures that would serve as a PAC-persona for an outside-the-beltway audience. T-PAC super heroes, Unstoppable and Unbeatable, were introduced in late 2016 as a way to tell T-PAC’s story and create a sustainable and fun campaign more in line with T-Mobile’s brand.

With our superheroes born, our teams built a comprehensive communications campaign that leverages Unstoppable and Unbeatable to educate employees on the importance of the PAC and the issues facing the company and industry. PAC personas can easily fall flat if they are not executed properly. Keeping this in mind, we designed a strategy that uses the superheroes in a purposeful way. For example, the superheroes have been leveraged for PAC 101-type communications, and to explain complex issues ranging from cybersecurity to spectrum, in an easy-to-understand way.

In addition to adopting “superhero speak,” we also designed a suite of comic book-esque email templates and issue slicks to make the super heroes as visually engaging as possible.From solicitations to PAC education, the superheroes help create a comprehensive story and, in doing so, build a more sustainable and relatable PAC program.

Beyond helping T-PAC reach its fundraising and participation goals, Unbeatable and Unstoppable have helped provide eligible employees with a greater understanding of what the PAC does for employees and the company as a whole. Thanks to our favorite superheroes, Unbeatable and Unstoppable have played a pivotal role in T-PAC successfully capturing T-Mobile’s game-changing brand to cultivate a robust and growing PAC community.

We are honored to partner with T-Mobile to develop a PAC brand that is as revolutionary and ground-breaking as their corporate culture and brand. We look forward to the future with T-Mobile and their valiant super heroes!

DDC’s clients have won the PAC Innovation Award three years in a row. To learn more about what DDC can do for your PAC, check out our PAC page here or fill out the form below to have a DDC representative contact you regarding customized solutions.

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