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PAC Compliance

For nearly two decades, DDC has been the name PACs trust, from some of the most successful brands in the world—including 23 of the Fortune 50—to emerging programs looking to launch. We can deliver on any PAC’s needs with a scalable solution that evolves with your program and frees you from navigating the complex and time-consuming world of compliance.


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Team & Technology

DDC offers a turn-key solution that ensures accuracy and compliance for all your PAC needs:

In-house PAC Team

DDC’s full PAC Compliance experts includes campaign finance lawyers, FEC experts, and PAC managers who’ve served many of the country’s most successful PACs for decades.

Leading PAC Technology

Our platform is licensed to hundreds of associations and corporations, as well as being used by our internal PAC Compliance team. Powerful PAC management tools right at your fingertips.


DDC offers full PAC administration services providing you with the accuracy, efficiency and accountability we are known for. Regardless of the size and scope of your PAC, we offer every level of administration to suit your needs, from FEC filing to account reconciliation and everything in between.


DDC’s PAC management software has served as the backbone for some of the most successful PACs for nearly 20 years. Our Democracy Direct® PAC simplifies, centralizes, and automates many of the functions you perform regularly, reducing the time and effort you put into PAC administration and allowing you to focus on your bigger-picture goals.

  • The most up-to-date and accurate FEC and state compliance reports
  • Secure 24/7 access to all your PAC data, from any location
  • Track your transaction history to see where your efforts are working
  • Analyze the success of your solicitation efforts to identify your most dedicated supporters

Learn more about how our database management capabilities can power your PAC here.


The more PAC eligibles know about your program, the more likely they are to contribute. That’s why we built PACWeb®—our premier PAC website solution—to enable you to streamline the education, registration and contribution processes:

  • Real-time tracking of contribution levels
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use reporting and analytics
  • Engagement tools to educate your eligible and get them to act
  • Secure contribution platform
  • Diverse resources to keep your members involved in your public affairs efforts

Learn more about our website capabilities here.

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