We Speak Public Affairs Fluently All Over the World


Many of our clients face political, regulatory and commerce-based issues that have dramatically outgrown borders in the last decade. DDC is helping clients reach across those borders to effect change in the legislative, regulatory and public perception arenas.


DDC has built successful campaigns to address a diverse range of issues across 16 countries:

Our communications expertise blends seamlessly with our robust technology experience to shape public opinion, raise awareness and build corporate reputations.


We engage in-market specialists who leverage their unique knowledge and insights to ensure our strategies reach across cultures, while reflecting the on-the-ground realities needed to achieve success for our clients. In doing so, we avoid a cookie-cutter approach to public affairs communications while creating partnerships with our clients that affect change through:

  • An accurate political assessment in a given country or territory

  • Sensitivity to local political and cultural mores

  • Carefully crafted and expertly translated communications

  • Effective delivery and meaningful analysis of campaign strategies and results

  • Technical and data protection expertise


DDC has active capabilities across the world—including the EU, Southeast Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and Australia and the Pacific. With reach into six continents, there is truly no market where we cannot make an impact. Contact us today to learn more.

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