Strategic Communications for the Public Sector

A Winning Approach

Raising awareness, recruiting high-value audiences, and keeping them engaged are all critical public sector objectives, regardless of any one agency’s overall mission. More and more, the public sector is realizing how private-sector best practices can be leveraged to help meet those objectives.

DDC works with public sector clients to solve their unique communications challenges by providing creative and innovative communications strategies powered by cutting-edge digital research and technologies—all while delivering measurable, meaningful results, on time and within budget. DDC prides itself on being excellent stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Government Case Study

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Arthritis

  • Challenge

    Arthritis currently affects 50 million US adults, making it twice as common as heart disease, three times more common than cancer, and eight times more common than stroke. When it comes to media coverage, however, arthritis receives substantially less coverage than other major chronic diseases. We were challenged with raising the awareness of arthritis with the press.

  • Solution

    DDC’s public relations team helped the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion put arthritis in the national spotlight by:

    • Examining Existing Resource: We started with a comprehensive audit of existing media, communications, research, and collateral.
    • Building a Communications Plan: Our findings informed our strategic communications plan, which we developed in consultation with CDC experts, team leaders and spokespersons.
    • Crafting the Message: We then crafted and disseminated effective messages on arthritis public health issues that resonate with audiences.
  • Results

    DDC developed and implemented a public relations and communications plan that is helping CDC promote arthritis control, reach target audiences through multiple channels, and capture the attention of a broader, general audience. By developing targeted media distribution lists, creating a visual-focused press kit, and providing media monitoring and outreach support, we have received progressively and comparatively higher degrees of both national and local media coverage, connecting arthritis sufferers to existing programs in their states and empowering the CDC and state health departments to better communicate in their markets.

GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule GS-07F-0763X
AIMS (Advertising & Integrated Marketing Services)
Advertising Services 541-1
Public Relations Services 541-2
Market Research & Analysis 541-4A
Integrated Marketing Services 541-5
Other Direct Costs 541-1000

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