Our technology grows successful grassroots campaigns

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

To make an impact in public affairs, you need to know your assets. DDC’s Democracy Direct® platform is a powerful constituent relationship management (CRM) database platform optimized for public affairs. It’s helped hundreds of clients confront their legislative, regulatory and fundraising challenges.

Profiles & Activity Tracking

Democracy Direct® helps you manage extensive stakeholder data records that can be searched, sorted and segmented quickly by virtually any criteria to suit your needs—including legislative districts (state and federal), grassroots activity taken to date, PAC contributions made to date, key contact designations, relationships with lawmakers, and more. So you know exactly what your assets are in any given market and legislative district.

Email Marketing

Compelling, effective and personalized messages are essential to grow engagement and increase participation. Our solution offers industry-best action alert, mobilization, and email marketing tools to communicate with your stakeholders and measure results at campaign speed.

Mapping Your Impact

The ability to demonstrate how an issue’s outcome will impact a specific geographic region is an essential tool in public affairs. DDC’s Maps Plus allows you to harness the power of your advocate data while mapping valuable fields to Google Maps™ functionality, enabling you to graphically visualize, cluster, and measure your political footprint anywhere in the world.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Our in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to analyze the results of your engagement efforts and gauge the effectiveness of your political assets. Through robust reporting tools, you can glean at-a-glance, real-time metrics to help you make informed decisions to drive business and political strategy:

  • Number of stakeholders by district
  • Number of emails sent, segmented by targeted lawmaker
  • Which advocates are taking multiple actions—both online and off
  • Areas that can be optimized to improve performance

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